Chatbots, A Practical Use of AI for Training

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Chatbot AI for L&D

Chatbots are becoming more and more commonplace for consumers to help automate simple tasks and make life easier. But what about utilizing chatbots to facilitate learning? 

In this session, you will see examples of common chatbots on Facebook and Slack that are transactional and responsive in nature and contrast them with programmatic chatbots that drive a learning experience. You will also see examples of the various channels you can reach learners through a chatbot such as SMS, Facebook or even via your corporate learning mobile app. 

Finally, we’ll really get your brainstorming juices flowing with lots of creative ideas on how this form of artificial intelligence can transform your digital learning infrastructure! 

Learning Objectives

  • What is a chatbot?
  • What are common uses that most consumers would be familiar with?
  • What is a programmatic chatbot?
  • How a chatbot can be used to support corporate learning and development.
  • Examples of chatbots that support corporate learners.
  • How to develop and author a chatbot.
  • Ideas for where artificial intelligence is headed for the future of corporate learning.

Learning Application

Explore how to leverage chatbots as part of your digital learning infrastructure to scale an effective micro­learning strategy across your learner population.

Discover how accessible chatbot technology is and the rapid trend to make it even more so user­ friendly.

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