The Future of AI Enhanced Work

with the Mobile Coach Platform

Large Language Models (LLMs), like ChatGPT, can easily improve productivity by helping employees and customers get valuable answers, perform critical workplace tasks, and quickly create content. However, organizations must manage this technology to ensure LLM usage is compliant, accurate, and convenient. The Mobile Coach Platform is the ideal tool to empower organizations to harness and manage the power of an LLM.

Why ChatGPT Alone Falls Short

LLMs are built on public information, so while you harness the power of Chat GPT, you also need your audience to receive personalized information tailored to your organization’s goals and regulations. Mobile Coach’s authoring tool enables you to use ChatGPT and other LLMs by controlling the user experience.

Accurate Answers

ChatGPT Alone

With Mobile Coach

Example of ChatGPT answer to sales rep

❌ Not specific to organization

❌ Not tailored to user role or experience

❌ Not available in the flow of work

✔️ Contextual organization-specific information

✔️ Tailored to user’s need

✔️ Available on SMS, MS Teams, and more

Compliant Conversations

ChatGPT Alone

With Mobile Coach

Diagram of how ChatGPT works

❌ No reporting for organization

❌ No control over response compliance

✔️ Capture interactions for reporting and monitoring

✔️ Intercept LLM responses to ensure quality control

Convenient Experience

ChatGPT Alone

With Mobile Coach

Screenshot of chat GPT

❌ Only on web

❌ Requires user to initiate conversation

❌ Refinement needed for useful response

✔️ Available on SMS, MS Teams, and more!

✔️ Push & pull conversation with scheduled messages

✔️ Targeted messaging for ease of use

How Mobile Coach Work with LLMs

Diagram describing Mobile Coach as a rules buffer for LLMs

How Mobile Coach acts as a buffer to ensure compliance, accuracy and efficiency with an LLM: 

  • The Mobile Coach Platform is rule-based and functions as a controller or buffer during user engagement
  • Mobile Coach captures a user input, sends it to the LLM, receive the response, and finally pass it back to the user
  • This ‘middle man’ approach allows rule-based conditions that regulate the responses from the LLM back to the user
  • These rules combined with the Mobile Coach platform ensure a higher standard of accuracy, security, and efficiency
  • The Mobile Coach platform provides a structured, straightforward process to address many concerns and pitfalls when employing an LLM in an enterprise setting


A course delivered in the flow of work with a ChatGPT-powered conversation simulator to support application.


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New Hire Onboarding

On-demand support for new hires and scheduled nudges to accelerating onboarding.

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