Enhancing Efficiency with Avi, the Acronym Chatbot


Akamai is a leading technology company that specializes in providing digital experience solutions that are fast, intelligent, and secure. With a global clientele that relies on Akamai’s innovative services, the company is at the forefront of the multi-cloud world. However, the technical nature of Akamai’s work often leads to challenges in internal communication, particularly in the use of industry-specific acronyms.


Akamai’s personnel frequently encountered difficulties with unfamiliar acronyms, which are integral to the company’s technical domain. The traditional methods of searching for definitions on the internet or asking colleagues were not effective or efficient.


To address this challenge, Akamai implemented the Mobile Coach Platform to manage an acronym chatbot named Avi. Deployed over the enterprise’s Webex Teams environment, Avi provides secure and easy access to acronym definitions for authorized personnel.

Impact of Avi:

Avi has significantly improved efficiency and knowledge sharing within Akamai:

  • Increased Efficiency: Over a 12-month period, Avi processed nearly 25,000 acronym requests from 1,117 users, demonstrating its ability to provide quick and accurate information.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Avi serves as a centralized repository for company-specific terminology, with 1,989 unique acronyms requested, highlighting the diverse technical vocabulary at Akamai.
  • Scalability: The chatbot’s scalability is evident in its handling of both common and rare acronyms, with 430 distinct acronyms requested only once and the top four acronyms requested over 160 times each.  It’s hard to imagine any subject matter expert able to perform as quickly and accurately in servicing all the acronyms requested.
  • Onboarding: Avi has also played a crucial role in reducing the onboarding time for new hires, enabling them to quickly familiarize themselves with company terminology.


The implementation of Avi, the acronym chatbot, has demonstrated the significant advantages of chatbot technology in supporting employees within the flow of work. By providing quick and easy access to crucial information, Avi has enhanced efficiency, knowledge sharing, and the onboarding process at Akamai Technologies.

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