Increase self-discipline via text message prompts


The Secret to Increase Self-Discipline

Can you increase self-discipline in just a few weeks? If you could, how would that impact immediate success? 

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A recent behavioral study out of the University of Zurich showed that individuals who received 2 text messages a day prompting them with reminders of intentions, self-reflection tasks, psychoeducation, and individual feedback demonstrated increased self-discipline. 

Messages like, “Good morning, Gail. You have set yourself the following goals for today: Call 5 people and set aside 60 minutes to work on your business. We wish you a lot of success in achieving your goals and look forward to your progress!”

We’ve seen this type of engagement help people achieve their goals for years here at Mobile Coach. Participants of Mobile Coach chatbots have increased retentionincreased performance, and increased the accomplishment tasks. However, it’s important to see such interventions studied in an academic setting to validate what we see on a daily basis.

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