Optimizing the Onboarding Experience at Norton Healthcare


Norton Healthcare is a leader in serving adult and pediatric patients from throughout Greater Louisville, Southern Indiana, the commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond. The not-for-profit hospital and health care system has five Louisville-based hospitals, three hospitals in Southern Indiana and one under construction in West Louisville that is scheduled to open in late 2024. Each year, the organization welcomes around 5,500 individuals into a diverse range of roles. Recognized for its employee experience strategies, Norton Healthcare prioritizes individual well-being through a comprehensive suite of carefully crafted programs and resources aimed at empowering new hires for optimal success. Notably, this includes the seamless integration of an SMS-based chatbot poised to refine and enhance the onboarding journey.


The primary challenge revolves around effectively managing the surge of new hires while providing personalized assistance to meet their diverse needs. This entails establishing a seamless transition process from pre-hire stages to addressing post-acceptance inquiries, ensuring each individual receives the necessary guidance to make their first day a success. Furthermore, a critical aspect involves devising innovative communication strategies to effectively reach clinical staff, who are not consistently stationed at dedicated workstations.


To tackle these challenges, Norton Healthcare’s employee experience team designed a proactive chatbot solution that creates an elevated experience for employees. This sophisticated tool engages new hires from pre-hire throughout their first year. By delivering resources for well-being, professional development and employment perks while also collecting feedback, the chatbot ensures comprehensive assistance and engagement.

Impact of the chatbot:

The chatbot has provided distinct and measurable benefits across several key areas:

  • Wellness Support: Demonstrating exceptional value, the chatbot boasts a remarkable 94% rating for its ability to assist individuals in coping with stress and burnout, surpassing industry standards.
  • Turnover: Norton Healthcare has notably surpassed the 75th percentile against national benchmarks in both first-year turnover and overall turnover rates as evidenced by the 2023 turnover scores.
  • Employee Satisfaction: The positive influence of the chatbot is seen in the enhanced new hire survey scores, specifically in 12 and 18-month “intent to stay” metrics. This underscores the chatbot’s instrumental role in bolstering employee retention strategies and fostering a supportive workplace environment.

By engaging new hires from pre-hire stages, Norton Healthcare‘s chatbot facilitated personalized support and guidance throughout their first year. The chatbot’s multifaceted approach, encompassing wellness support, turnover reduction and enhanced employee satisfaction, contributed significantly to fostering a cohesive and supportive workplace culture at Norton Healthcare.

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