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Chatterbots 3 – The Hype Cycle


The Hype Cycle and Chatbots Technology moves at a rapid pace. We live in a world where change is constant. However, not all change is necessarily productive. Most meaningful changes in technology undergo a process of iterative development. How can you tell when new tech is actually valuable to you or your company?

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Mobile Coach and Gamification


We’re excited to announce a new feature in our Mobile Coach Platform: Leaderboards! “Wait,” you might ask, “how does a chatbot run a leaderboard if all the conversations are through text messaging?” Your coach has the ability to tally points based on challenges or tasks that the user does. For example, your mobile coach might

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Monthly Digest: Trends, Learning Tech, and Cell Phone Use


10 Insights from Interviews with L&D Leaders in Training Industry by Luke Kempski Learning and development leaders from prominent organizations across many industries have shared insights into current learning trends. Learning Support Technologies in 2016 in Learning Solutions Magazine by Bill Brandon These are technologies and areas of practice that can change your business and

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