Mobile Coach Smart Web Pages!

New Feature: Smart Web Pages

We’re excited to announce a powerful new feature in the Mobile Coach Platform: Smart Web Pages! As our chatbots become more and more mainstream, companies are relying on them to do more than send reminders and nudges to reinforce training. Chatbots can actually be utilized to deliver training in their unique, interactive, one-to-one way. 

Sometimes, you want to be able to engage users with a video, an image, or maybe even want them fill out a form on a web page. How do you point a user away from the chatbot conversation and then expect to get them back in the conversation?

Mobile Coach Smart Web Pages is a new, powerful addition to our platform that enables web pages to be made aware of what a user is doing on the page. Sound complicated? Let’s look at some examples:

  • Include a video as part of the chatbot learning experience

You design a chatbot to engage a learner on a certain topic and want them to view a video as part of the learning experience. But you also want to know when the user is done watching the video. This new feature allows you to re-engage in the conversation. That might look something like this:

The clickable link from the chatbot directs users to a smart web page—in this case a tutorial video…

…And then directs the user back into the chat conversation for follow-up. 

  • Include a form on a web page

You want to capture more information from the learner than a back-and-forth chat is designed for, for example, you want the learner to complete a survey. That might look something like this:

  • Engage learners within a group sharing environment

Generally, we discourage the use of group chat with chatbots. We’ve found that windows quickly get overrun with too many messages. However, there are times when seeing what others have to say can be very valuable. You can design a chatbot to facilitate a group discussion that could look something like this:

Learnbot showing how it can help curate conference notes and help users.

In this case, a chatbot is used to curate public notebooks. Users type their notes to the chatbot, then those notes are organized by topic into publicly viewable pages.

We have learned that the more agile your chatbot can be to engage users with all types of content, the more you can lean on the chatbot for the entire learning experience. Enabling a chatbot to be aware of a user’s experiences on a mobile-friendly web page you have more flexibility to incorporate multimedia elements into your chatbot design. Mobile Coach Smart Web Pages unlock strong potential to engage learners in all new ways. Chatbots are now more robust and powerful than ever. 

How can use use Smart Web pages to improve your learning programs?

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