Monthly Digest: Trends, Learning Tech, and Cell Phone Use

10 Insights from Interviews with L&D Leaders

in Training Industry by Luke Kempski

Learning and development leaders from prominent organizations across many industries have shared insights into current learning trends.

Learning Support Technologies in 2016

in Learning Solutions Magazine by Bill Brandon

These are technologies and areas of practice that can change your business and change the position of learning and development within an organization.

Key Trends for 2016: Focusing on the Science of Learning to Better Engage the Adult Learner

in Training Industry by Doug Harward

The expectations on leaders of training organizations to improve business performance requires them to understand how to create and deliver content that positively influences the learner’s behavior. Understanding how to better engage the learner is at the heart of how our industry is evolving.

8 Surprising Statistics About How We Use Cell Phones – Infographic!

in Mobile Coach blogs by Max Ogles

Text messaging (SMS) is a great way to help employees or customer retain information on any phone. We’ve put together an infographic to show you 8 statistics about how we use cell phones and especially text messaging.

L&D Enters the Age of Curation

in ATD Blogs by Ben Betts

If you teach, you are a curator. Curators don’t ask, “How does it work?” Curators tell others: “This is how it could work.” That means that curation will always be a human process.

Specification or Personalization?

in Chief Learning Officer blogs by Elliot Maise

The future of learning has embraced the fascinating reality of personalization. More than ever, our workers expect to be able to select, sequence, manage and access learning resources in a manner of their choosing.