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Chatbots for Onboarding!

Our latest in the Chatbot Demo Series, the New Employee Onboarding demo is an easy way of looking at how chatbots can be used for onboarding new employees. That can mean pushing helpful reminders, answering FAQs or even training delivery. Chatbots are an ideal tool for providing important, engaging content to new employees. Because chatbots can exist a variety of messaging platforms, it is easy to deploy an onboarding chatbot where it will be most useful. Popular options include web portals, LMS, SMS, or even popular messaging apps like Slack or LINE.

New employee onboarding chatbot example

Key Features:

The Mobile Coach Onboarding demo is easy to use. Based in SMS text, this chatbot can be used anywhere. The chatbot provides active outreach via programmatic reminders, as well as helpful tips to self-guided onboarding! Using Mobile Coach’s Smart Web Pages, onboarding chatbots can even provide a menu of topics for users to fill in the gaps of their onboarding experience. Used this way, chatbots are excellent tools for accessing paperwork, maps, or other company resources.

Well designed chatbots play a pivotal role in facilitating growth. When an organization deploys a chatbot, it becomes a virtual member of their staff. As such, it allows the organization to scale indefinitely, affordably, and without traditional growing pains. Your onboarding chatbot can be configured with sophisticated calendaring to schedule proactive, bot-initiated interactions. This means that the chatbot can actively reach out to your new employees to remind them to complete certain tasks. Onboarding chatbots offer small, accessible reminders to make onboarding easy. a challenge module to help them build the habit of implementing the concept.

Try it out! Text the keyword “onboard” to phone number +1 801-515-4028 and see for yourself how easy it is to onboard with a chatbot.

Try it Out!
Text “onboard” to +1 801 515 4028 and experience our New Employee Onboarding Chatbot for yourself. It’s easy!

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