ATD TK 2019

Mobile Coach is returning to ATD Techknowledge

Mobile Coach is excited to announce that we will be returning to ATD Techknowledge for the 3rd time. This year, Mobile Coach CEO and noted chatbot expert Vince Han will be speaking and Mobile Coach will be exhibiting in the expo hall.

Hosted in beautiful West Palm Beach this year, ATD Techknowledge will be taking place from February 6th to the 8th at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. 

“We love attending ATDTK, and this year is especially exciting for us. The new features of our platform have taken chatbots to a new level! We’re looking forward to continuing to collaborate with industry leaders.” – Paul Bills, Director of Chatbot Design

Join chatbot expert Vince Han for his session on Friday, February 8th at 9:45 am as he discusses important chatbot design principles. His session will be a mix of interactive chatbot experiences with practical design tips. Check out this feedback from Vince’s last presentation:

Attendees that visit us at booth 703 can receive a personalized demo of the platform, experiencing both the end user interactions as well as the administrative and authoring side of the platform.

Used in a variety of use cases to deliver and reinforce learning, chatbots have become a core part many large companies’ learning and training strategy. Popular use case among Mobile Coach clients include: 

  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Performance Support
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Safety and Compliance Training
  • Sales Enablement
  • Leadership Training

At booth 703, Mobile Coach will be showcasing our latest chatbot technologies including popular features such as leaderboards, video feedback, and smart web pages. These features augment our custom-built chatbots and help ensure high levels of engagement with learners.

Speaking info:

FR205 – Best Practices for Designing a Chat Bot in Support of Learning | Friday, February 8 | 9:45 am to 10:45 am | Ballroom B

Session Description:

The allure of chatbots has grown among L&D professionals as the promise of artificial intelligence appeals to teams asked to do more with training their people. Yet, as with any emerging technology, the promise of “better and faster” can often fall flat with unforeseen obstacles and operational clumsiness.

This session will review chatbot design principles, including personality, timing of interactions, program types, personalization and messaging options, handling mistakes, and ideal staffing for chatbot projects. The ability to drive learner accountability and reinforcement makes the chatbot an ideal tool—if done well!

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About Vince:

Vince Han is the founder and CEO of Mobile Coach and a frequent speaker at conferences such as Training Conference, DevLearn, FocusOn, Online Learning, ATDTK and others. He holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Vince is an industry thought-leader for learning and learning technology with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and chatbot technology. Vince has founded several successful technology companies and resides in Utah.

Booth info

Booth #703

Expo hall hours:

Wednesday Feb 6th 9 am to 6:30 pm

Thursday Feb 7th 9 am to 2:30 pm

Other session recommendations

W102 – Design Impactful Video Assessment and Coaching Experiences | Wednesday, February 06 | 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM | Room: 1F

Session Description:

As an industry, we are challenged to push learning and performance support out of the classroom and deeper into the workflow. But what does that really look like? How can we give employees the opportunity to practice skills and receive meaningful, timely feedback from their peers or leaders?

Video assessments and mobile coaching platforms and apps can mirror the hallmarks of effective instructor-led learning and performance coaching, extending the reach of facilitators and leaders alike. This session will discuss use cases and how these video assessment and mobile coaching platforms integrate realistic video-based scenarios, frequent practice, self-reflection, peer and instructor feedback, and clear criteria for success.

Speakers: Ann Rollins, Britney Cole – GP Strategies

W302 – Digital Learning Blueprint | Wednesday, February 06 | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Room: 1F

Session Description:

In this session, you’ll discover lessons learned from Intrepid by one organization’s mini-MOOC “Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint,” and understand how to create a truly actionable plan for specific business challenges on your plate, as well as ways to react to business disruption by disrupting your learning organizations—in a good way! You’ll learn why meeting digital disruption in business with digital disruption in learning is so effective, and how to think about a “blueprint” for learning that will focus on a specific business challenge keeping you up at night.

Speakers: Manjit Sekhon, Nicole Bunselmeyer – Intrepid by VitalSource

About Mobile Coach:

Mobile Coach is the leading chatbot management platform for the enterprise. Our platform enables the rapid authoring, configuring, and deployment of chatbots to deliver and reinforce training and learning programs. With more than 5 years of experience in developing chatbots, Mobile Coach is the most advanced platform with features specifically developed to serve the Learning and Talent Development industry.

Mobile Coach chatbots engage with learners to continue conversations long after employee training has ended. By engaging employees with simple, periodic messages, Mobile Coach chatbots reinforce skills and knowledge employees would otherwise forget. The benefit to corporate is a scalable solution for post-training engagement and measurable accountability.

About the event:

ATD TechKnowledge is the premier conference and exposition at the intersection of technology and learning. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, TechKnowledge delivers practical how-to’s, advanced strategy and solutions, and everything in between.

ATD TechKnowledge takes place over three exciting days of hands-on learning, expertise from the industry’s most respected thought leaders, and an EXPO showcasing the hottest products and tools in learning technologies. Develop your skills in e-learning, mobile and social learning, platforms and tools, serious games and simulations, technology strategy for leaders, trending technologies, virtual classrooms, and more.