Vincent Han talks chatbots on the Learning While Working Podcast!

Chatbots for behaviour change in L&D, with Vincent Han

Learning While Working Podcast – A podcast for learning and development (L&D) people.

Recently, Mobile Coach’s very own Vince Han sat down with Dr. Robin Petterd of Sprout Labs and the Learning While Working podcast to talk about chatbots in L&D. In their blog post about the podcast, Dr. Petterd explains “What happened is, as I was doing some of the other interviews in this section, with Jamie Good and Emma Webber, I discovered that they were both using Mobile Coach to build their own chatbots. As a result, I thought it would be great to talk with Vincent for this series.”

Over the course of the interview Vince answers questions ranging from the thought process behind chatbots for behavioral change to questions involving the design and optimization of chatbots in L&D. Listen to the podcast here or follow this link to the podcast and transcript.

Curious about the Learning While Working podcast? Check out their description from the website:

“Listen to the Learning While Working podcast to hear how learning and development is transforming. The episodes are interviews with leading thinkers in learning. Common themes on the podcast include trends in eLearning and digital learning, performance driven instructional and learning design and learning data. Each podcast is packed with ideas, tips and insights about how to make learning at work succeed.”

What to learn more about chatbots? Click this link to talk to a Mobile Coach chatbot expert!