Scale Your Coaching Program with Chatbots

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Human Mentorship

Many of us have experienced how good coaching can help us improve and reach our goals. This is true in all aspects of life, from learning a sport to becoming a better leader and human being. In the workplace, coaching takes all sorts of forms and shapes, from high touch executive coaching to championing a culture of informal coaching at all levels of an organization.

Traditionally, implementing qualified human coaches and mentors throughout an entire organization is both cost prohibitive and difficult to logistically organize. But as organizations become more and more complex with ever changing business dynamics (including new remote workforce issues), the need for coaching and mentorship are at an all time peak.

Chatbot Coaching

Chatbot technology is a compelling part of the solution. With chatbots, organizations can provide an on-demand mentoring resource to all employees no matter their level, tenure or location. Chatbots can be programmed with personalization to “understand” a user’s situation, so it can work with Sam on his goal to be a better listener while working with Sally on her goal to check-in more frequently with her direct reports.

Chatbots can also be configured to interact with users on a variety of platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, SMS, WhatsApp, and even embedded on internal systems like intranets and CRMs. 

While chatbots cannot replace the value of a seasoned executive coach (who oftentimes acts as confidant and informal therapist), chatbots can be incredibly powerful tools as cheerleader, accountability partner and concierge, expanding the benefits of automated chatbot mentoring to virtually everyone in an organization. 

Discussion Points

In this session, you’ll learn how chatbots are already helping many organizations expand coaching. We’ll discuss best practices for coaching chatbot design, how to measure chatbot success, and how to help ensure your chatbot’s success at every step of the project. 

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