Integrations and New Channels Announced

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With the unprecedented movement towards remote work amidst a global pandemic this year, maximizing how your company uses technology is more important than ever. 

Mobile Coach chatbots now integrate with Slack as a supported chatbot channel.


Workplace collaboration platform adoption has skyrocketed. Slack’s CEO and co-founder Stewart Butterfield said that as the pandemic began, there was a surge in the creation of “teams” on Slack and that their existing customers realized they needed Slack more than ever.

At Mobile Coach we’ve seen that programmatic chatbots on collaboration platforms can bring support and learning right into the flow of work. 



Mobile Coach’s Slack Workplace

We have just launched our own Slack Workspace where you can explore Mobile Coach designed chatbots on Slack. Experience the frictionless user experience and different use cases.Mobile Coach has launched a Slack Workplace so you can explore some key use cases for chatbots on this platform. Try it out yourself and see how programmatic chatbots can be a valuable tool for your company.

The 6 chatbots in our Slack Workspace

You can now implement valuable internal chatbots like:


  • Acronym Lookup – get any internal acronym defined and explained in seconds.
  • Teen Speak- will teach you to understand all about teen slang.
  • New Onboarding- get new hires up to speed quickly with the skills and processes they need to succeed.
  • Training Reinforcement- Help learners remember and apply training content in their day-to-day work.
  • Unconscious Bias- teach every member of your audience with a personalized conversation, then automatically measure success.

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