Micro-Learning Chatbot Demo

Chatbots for micro learning!

Our latest in the Chatbot Demo Series, the MicroLearning Chatbot demo is an easy way of looking at how chatbots can be used for micro learning. Whether that means post-training reinforcement or for training delivery, chatbots are an ideal tool for providing important, engaging content to your users.

  • Our micro-learning demo is an example of how a chatbot could be used to not just reinforce a concept, but teach it. Microlearning chatbots use small, consumable portions to make learning like this easy and engaging. 
  • This microlearning demo teaches users to become better sales people. A menu of topics allows beginners to start from scratch or more advanced learners to jump straight to filling in their knowledge gaps. This type of platform isn’t limited to sales training, however. Chatbots use smart webpages to deliver a wide variety of training topics. The content is completely customizable. 
  • Each learning topic or module adheres to this structure: give an overview of the concept and provide specific examples. The chatbot then give instructions for implementing the concept and starts the user on a challenge module to help them build the habit of implementing the concept.

Try it out! Text the keyword “Sales 101” to phone number 720-753-5135 and see for yourself how easy it is to microlearn with a chatbot.

Try it out!

Phone number: 720-753-5135

Keyword: Sales 101

The Mobile Coach Microlearning demo is easy to use. Based in SMS text, this chatbot can be used anywhere. The chatbot provides active outreach via programmatic reminders, as well as helpful links to self-guided learning on a smart webpage!

Mobile Coach Micro Learning Platform SMS interface

 Mobile Coach Micro Learning Platform - Sales 101