Corporate Training Reinforcement Chatbots

How Chatbots Reinforce Learning

Watch this short video to learn more about how Mobile Coach chatbots make the ideal training partner for your L&D department.

Aristocrat Technologies

Coach Jesse is a chatbot designed by Aristocrat Technologies and Mobile Coach. The chatbot delivers a one-year safety coaching and reinforcement program in pieces that are easy to apply into daily routines. Coach Jesse reduced the friction normally associated with delivering the mandatory safety training resulting in high levels of interaction and an increased awareness of safety in the workplace. Coach Jesse received a coveted Silver Award in the 2017 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards for Best Advance in Online Coaching Tools.

Read the case study about Coch Jesse here.

Akamai Technologies

Avi is a chatbot designed by Akamai Technologies and Mobile Coach. Avi provides support to new employees during the onboarding process. The chatbot delivers tips and tricks during the first 31 days after hiring. Avi also helps employees through their technical certification process. After one year, Avi helped Akamai realize an increased pass rate for certification and a reduction in the time to certification. Akamai and Mobile Coach received a 2019 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management Excellence Bronze Award for Avi in Best Use of Mobile Learning.

Reas the case study about Avi here.


Are Chatbots the Future of Training?

Originally published in TD Magazine, this article, written by Mobile Coach CEO Vince Han, explores the ways L&D professionals can use chatbots. Discover seven uses for chatbots in learning and four applications with examples.

The Choose to Engage Barrier

Why do apps and websites consistently disappoint in their ability to engage long term? For productivity and business-related tools, the requirement of the user needing to choose to login to check their next task is too much to ask for when competing with YouTube videos, social media alerts and the like. We call this the Choose to Engage Barrier.


Effective Employee Training via Chatbot

Learn about using chatbot technology to provide employees with the skills, knowledge, accountability, and attention they need to achieve success. 

What L&D Professionals Love about Mobile Coach

Christiana Houck PhD, PMP, Director of Learning Solutions
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Mobile Coach is one of our ‘secret weapons’ to ensuring our programs drive knowledge retention and behavior change. The platform is elegant and robust, and the team is adaptive and responsive.
Gali VasingtonInstructional Designer/Project Manager, Fresenius Healthcare
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The Mobile Coach chatbot has been part of our culture change from a workforce that uses desktops, paper, and learns once and forgets it. The chatbot was key to changing to a mobile workforce that continuously learns and reinforces. Our safety numbers are up and accidents are down—that’s a success to me
Standford Childrens Health
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With Coach ZEP, we can really measure the effectiveness of our training. We love being able to receive quick feedback from our employees at such a convenient method. There was such positive feedback from our employees and management, that we decided to launch a company-wide chatbot.

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