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Safety and Compliance Training: Reinforce Safety Training with Chatbots



Coach Jesse is a chatbot designed by Aristocrat Technologies and Mobile Coach. The chatbot delievers a one-year safety coaching and reinforcement program in pieces that are easy to apply into daily routines.

  • 85% reduction in vehicle and medical incidents
  • 71% of users respond on average to each of Coach Jesse’s prompts
  • Coach Jesse received a Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Silver Award in 2017 for Best Online Coaching Tools

Key Challenges

Aristocrat has a large, dispersed workforce of technicians who install and repair gaming machines. The business needs for this project were:

  • Fulfill regulatory requirements for safety training
  • Keep employees and customers safe
  • Help technicians to safely install increasingly complex machines in an
    environment in which we lack total control

“The Mobile Coach chatbot has been part of our culture change from a workforce that uses desktops, paper, and learns once and forgets it. The chatbot was key to changing to a mobile workforce that continuously learns and reinforces. Our safety numbers are up and accidents are down—that’s a success to me!”

The Solution

A Mobile Coach chatbot was chosen by the Aristocrat team because:

  • It offered flexibility for the technician to engage on their timeline
  • It provided a frictionless user experience, chatbot easily integrated into technicians existing digital habits
  • Aristocrat is transitioning to more digital and mobile learning
  • It scaled to technicians throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico

Aristocrat partnered with Mobile Coach to create a chatbot named Coach Jesse to facilitate the safety and compliance reinforcement. Jesse followed up with safety alerts, reminders, and supplemental materials. Jesse’s main goals were to:

  1. Change behavior by reinforcing safety training
  2. Engage a remote workforce
  3. Bring safety to the front of mind


Coach Jesse delivers a one-year safety coaching and reinforcement program via SMS. Despite being a chatbot, Coach Jesse was designed to have a personality making the experience feel natural and personal. Coach Jesse is a powerful learning tool who messaged bi-weekly with a tip, a question, a quiz, and a sense of humor. 

Each interaction involves Coach Jesse focusing on a topic, such as electrical safety, at the macro level with a question to test understanding. After a user response, Coach Jesse gives feedback including resources on the best method.

Coach Jesse, a safety training chatbot


Since launching in 2016 the Coach Jesse chatbot:

  • Has a 71% response rate across all interactions
  • Has successfully engaged technicians in regular safety training and kept key information top of mind
  • Helped reduce vehicle and medical incidences from 21 annually to 3

About Aristocrat

Aristocrat is an ASX50 listed company and one of the world’s leading providers of gaming solutions. They’re licensed in 240 gaming jurisdictions and operate in 90 countries around the world, with a team of over 3500 employees. They deliver outstanding results by pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and technology. Further, offer a diverse range of products and services, including electronic gaming machines, social gaming and casino management systems.

Aristocrat and Mobile Coach received a 2017 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Silver Award for Jesse.

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