Chatbot for E-Learning a Case of Study


Target Corporation

Target’s chatbot improves leadership training retention.


Mobile Coach and Target conducted a case study to measure how text message reinforcement impacts post-training retention among leaders.

  • The results demonstrated that sending automated, interactive, and personalized messages increased retention and post-training actions
  • Chatbot users were 36% more likely to take action on a specified post-leadership training commitment compared to the control group
  • Chatbot users were 29% more likely to recall the actions they had committed to after training compared to the control group


Key Challenges

work tableThe Target Leadership Institute developed a training course to help leaders better target their attention and cultivate awareness to drive change and results at work. As part of the program, learners developed an action plan of what they would do to apply the principles they learned in the workplace after the training.

However, Target was finding that many people didn’t follow through with these action plans. Further, in many cases didn’t even remember what they had committed to do. Target wanted a  solution to help people remember what they learned, what they committed to, and to follow through on their action plans.

The Solution

A test group of 30 members and control group of 84 members were selected to support Target’s “Transforming the Way We Lead and Work” workshop.

This workshop was designed to help participants be more effective in achieving both personal and organizational goals. The participant demographic was leaders of leaders.

Assessments were conducted on the final day of training and 60 days after training in order to measure participant knowledge retention.


Chatbot users not only remembered more of the key leadership training objectives, but they were also more likely to take action on those training objectives.

  • 100% of chatbot users remembered their “starting point”. It is a key component to the instructional design, whereas only 86% of the control group were able to do so.
  • 88% of chatbot users remembered the action they had committed to do after training while only 68% of the control group remembered their commitment
  • 75% of chatbot users took action on a specified post-training commitment, while only 55% of the control group did so

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