How to Build a Chatbot on the Mobile Coach Platform

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Summary of Webinar:

Join chatbot expert Vince Han as he shows you how to build a chatbot for learning. In this webinar Vince will share how you can use a chatbot to reach learners where they’re already at (SMS, MS Teams, Slack, etc) to reduce friction and increase action. See how we build interactive learning journeys using the Mobile Coach Platform.

– Learn how to build a chatbot
– Learn chatbot capabilities and limitations
– Learn how to measure success
– Try an end-user demo
– See common use cases

Our favorite part? At 34 mins Paul leads an exercise to build an acronym chatbot for instructional designers. Everyone who participated live contributed to a list of acronyms that instructional designers may need to know. Then in just a few minutes, Paul turns that list into a chatbot.


You can try this chatbot yourself and see what the acronym bot for instructional designers looks like:  

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