A Social Network Analysis Chatbot


Sobo (The Socialbot) from SocialByDesign Solutions

Your culture is defined by your people and their interactions. This Chatbot provides small, real-time, in the workflow interactions to survey who, when and what types of conversations are taking place. Sobo helps you see which departments are connecting, the nature of employee interactions and if conditions are right for profitable innovation or costly burn out!


Why a Chatbot for Social Network Analysis?

You can’t fix what you can’t see.

Surveying is the most common method to analyze employee social network health, however these are typically challenging to complete, a drain on productivity, and inaccurate. A Chatbot provides light, short engagements in the workflow to capture insights while they are still fresh in an employee’s mind.


What does Sobo do?

Understand how employee interaction is impacting your business

Sobo provides a snapshot of employee relationships allowing you to adjust the working environment to increase important connections and reduce the potential for burnout.

    • As an MRI creates an image of the soft tissue, Sobo unobtrusively reveals the engagement types and levels of employees across the organization.
    • Quickly see who the relationship builders are across departments, where healthy collaboration resides and the barriers to connection exist.
    • Create opportunities to strengthen ties, reward collaborators and modify the environment so better connections can be made.



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