Expert Panel: How to Engage Learners in the Workplace


Summary of Webinar

Capturing learners’ attention and keeping them engaged has long been a challenge for learning professionals. With the upheaval of the last year, this challenge has become an even bigger issue with a significant portion of the workforce working remotely. In this webinar, our expert panel will discussed how they’ve successfully navigated the challenges inherent with learner engagement as well as emerging trends they see on the horizon. 


How do you engage your learners?

  • Be flexible – you have different audiences that you target – so you need to make it flexible. Tailer to the needs of those you are trying to engage, give them what they want and need!
  • Eliminate distraction – make sure minds don’t wander off. Use the tools you have to eliminate distractions and keep people on task.
  • Establish a workplace vision/environment: People go to work to work, not to make friends, waste time, or socialize. Establish early-on a level of transparency, and you will have a naturally engaging environment. Create a vision that encourages people to be hungry to work and gain more experience. 

Why can it be difficult to reach learners?

  • Communication: Getting the word out. There are different methods of communication, and it’s important to capitalize on what your audience engages with the most. 
  • Creating a safe environment: Amidst many mind shifts and cultural shifts, sensitive topics are being discussed in the workplace that previously were not discussed. Many people can be uncomfortable when talking about race or social issues in the workplace, because they aren’t used to it. The challenge is creating a safe environment, a place where people can feel safe to express their opinions and participate in these important conversations. 
  • Understanding how people work: It’s important to understand what technology people use, what habits they have formed in the workplace, and how they handle conflict/make decisions. How do they learn and work? Study carefully what it is they do in the flow of work so that you can work within those boundaries. 

What are solutions that work for learner engagement?

  • Reduce friction: Find ways to meet people where they’re at, make it as easy and frictionless for them as possible.
  • Meet the 4 aspects of real learning: 1) Experience 2) Practice 3) Conversation 4) Reflection. We often overlook the conversation and reflection part. How open are we to sharing what we’re learning in our organization? A culture that supports conversation and reflection is a key to learner engagement. 

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