Acronym Irony – Chatbot Case Study


Acronyms are meant to be convenient shorthand but ironically often make conversations elusive and hard to understand. Imagine this scenario:

You are new to an organization, and someone has called you into a meeting. Someone is making a critical comment and is using an acronym, and you have no clue what it stands for. We’ve all been there and felt the conflict of not wanting to interrupt to ask what it stands for but also not wanting to be left out. 

Situations like this are ideal to leverage a chatbot to get immediate and discreet help. An acronym chatbot is easy to use and manage, making it the perfect repository for your acronyms.

Image of a phone showing an example of what an acronym bot interaction would look like.

Case Study – Al: The Acronym Lookup Bot

Mobile Coach worked with a global health service company to implement an acronym chatbot accessed via SMS. Employees could ask the chatbot in real-time what an acronym stood for without interrupting the flow of a meeting.

Users can look up hundreds of acronyms using Al on SMS or a web widget. Al sends what their requested acronym or term stands for a little extra information about it. Users can also add to Al’s library of knowledge by texting the keyword “New.”

Notes and Stats:
  • Al has a library of 515 Acronym and terms 
  • Users have asked for an acronym or term definition 795 times

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