Customer Engagement: Chatbots increasing customer success


  • Xander is a chatbot designed by Xyngular and Mobile Coach to engage customers and help them successfully complete Xyngular’s rigorous weight loss program
  • Customers who use Xander are report a satisfaction rate of 4.5 of 5
  • More than 300,000 customers have used Xander to successfully complete the program
  • Response rate for messages exceeds 60%


Key Challenges

Xyngular logo Xander Xyngular's Chatbot from Mobile CoachXyngular provides a weight loss program that is proven to work—but only if users follow program instructions. The program includes a routine to take products throughout the day as well as complying to healthy dietary restrictions. The rigor of the program, while very effective, can be challenging for some to follow through with the program or keep track of program requirements.

“We tried making an app and other solutions, but nothing produced the results we wanted. Mobile Coach is different. Mobile Coach has exceeded our expectations and made an incredible impact on our business.”

The Solution

Xyngular’s goal for their chatbot was to increase compliance to their program, ensuring that more people enjoyed the expected results, as well as to make the program more convenient overall for customers. Xander was also designed to reduce the time spent by sales leaders and customer service employees answering questions and explaining the program to customers.


Xander is the perfect companion to Xyngular’s 30-day Ignite weight-loss program. Xander explains the products users have received, gives meal advice, and most importantly, assists users in consuming Xyngular products correctly and on time to enjoy the best results.

Xander is smart and witty, often cracking jokes and helping users enjoy the program even more. Users can also ask questions about the program and what foods they should eat, among other things. 


Since launch in September 2016, more than one hundred thousands people have used Xander. Xander has an overall response rate of over 60%, with a whopping 72% of users enjoying power user status!

Users report a satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 when asked how helpful Xander was for them throughout the program and Xander has been able to save Xyngular countless hours in customer service costs by automatically answering tens of thousands of customer questions.

Both customer service and field sales leaders have given feedback that Xander has saved them time and improved the business, and Xander has been part of a period of rapid growth for the company.

About Xyngular and Xander

Xyngular is a health and wellness company dedicated to providing its members and resellers a way to earn extra income while improving their overall health.

The Xander chatbot supports new and established customers during their weight loss journey using Xyngular’s weight loss programs. Xyngular’s other chatbots work to increase product knowledge and sales among their distributors, along with customer engagement with their product. 

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