Automated Customer Support Decreases Costs



  • Reduced live chat volume by 53% in less than a month
  • 75% of interactions handled completely by chatbot
  • Xyngular’s chatbot gets customers the answers they need instantly


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Xyngular’s customer service team relied on a live chat feature to answer customer’s questions via their website. Unfortunately, the live support agents spent much of their time answering the same questions repeatedly, which is why Xyngular wanted to find a solution that would:

  • Save call center resources
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Aggregate data on customer queries


Xyngular partnered with Mobile Coach to create an engaging chatbot solution that instantly answers customers’ questions. The chatbot’s main features include:

  • Menus with common FAQs
  • The ability for users to type their own questions to get answers from an FAQ database
  • A seamless transition from the chatbot to a live agent when necessary
  • Integration with Sharpen so Xyngular customer service agents can handle customer questions in their normal dashboard
  • Forwarding questions that the chatbot can’t answer to a ticketing system if it is outside of call center hours
"As we continue to grow our business and expand internationally, we knew we wanted a way to help streamline our online chat support, especially outside of business hours. Mobile Coach had the right solution for us, making it an easy integration to the other systems we use, and continued support post launch. They are dedicated to helping us innovate ways to get the most out of the chat bot and we’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen thus far!"
Jamie Bowden
Sr. Director of Member Service


Xyngular launched their chatbot only 2 months ago and is already seeing dramatic results. 

  • Live chat usage was reduced by 53%, freeing up call center resources for more critical tasks
  • 75% of interactions handled completely by chatbot
xyngular chatbot and website


Chatbots like this provide immediate answers to customers, decreasing frustration and organizational cost. While chatbots won’t replace customer service agents, they can significantly reduce their load by answering the repetitive questions that bog down call centers. This solution is a big win for organizations that are looking to decrease costs while improving customer experience. 

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