Microsoft Teams Now A Supported Chatbot Channel


Now Supporting Chatbots on Microsoft Teams! By Vince Han Jan 2020 Mobile Coach is excited to announce support for chatbots on Microsoft Teams (learn more about Teams here). You can now use Mobile Coach’s award-winning chatbot platform to design bots that can be messaged just as

Microsoft Teams Now A Supported Chatbot Channel2020-01-15T09:07:01-07:00

Expert Panel: Learning Transfer, Chatbots, and Measurement


Expert Panel: Learning Transfer, Chatbots, and Measurement By Casey Sullivan 25 Nov 2019 On Nov 20th, we were pleased to host Trish Uhl, Emma Weber and Paul Bills for a panel discussion on chatbots, Coach M, behavior change, learning transfer, and measurement. This great discussion, hosted

Expert Panel: Learning Transfer, Chatbots, and Measurement2020-01-10T08:43:51-07:00

Learning Reinforcement Webinar


Learning Reinforcement Panel Discussion Vince Han, founder of Mobile Coach, hosts a panel discussion with Emma Weber, founder of Transfer of Learning and training reinforcement expert and Trish Uhl, creator of the Learning Systems Engineering Framework™ and training analytics expert. Taking place on November 20, 3pm MST (United States and Canada) this webinar panel

Learning Reinforcement Webinar2019-11-08T15:42:52-07:00

3 Ways to Get Buy In for Training Projects with Chatbots!


Chatbot Training Solutions - How To Get Buy In! As the technology improves and the success stories begin to add up, more and more L&D professionals are interested in chatbots. An ideal solution for meeting the needs of today's learners, chatbots have proven to be useful tools for training reinforcement, LMS support, sales

3 Ways to Get Buy In for Training Projects with Chatbots!2019-10-21T10:46:54-07:00

Emerging Technology For Learning – Chatbots


Emerging Technology for Learning - Chatbots By Vince Han, Casey Sullivan and Perry Blazian Oct 2019 Training, Attention, and Chatbots It is common for world class, professional athletes to employ not one, but several coaches and advisors to help them reach their elite goals. For example, a professional marathoner might assemble a

Emerging Technology For Learning – Chatbots2019-10-17T20:55:25-07:00

Mobile Coach at DevLearn 2019


Mobile Coach + DevLearn 2019 Mobile Coach is excited to attend DevLearn 2019! Continuing the tradition of attending this exciting conference in Las Vegas, we are happy to be returning to another year of DevLearn held at the Mirage Resort. Mobile Coach will be exhibiting in the Expo Hall at Booth #103. Be

Mobile Coach at DevLearn 20192019-10-15T15:49:03-07:00

LearnBot 2.0 at Learning 2019


Chatbots for Learning Mobile Coach is excited to announce LearnBot, an innovative chatbot to support the experience of a conference attendee. LearnBot will feature as the official chatbot of the Learning 2019 conference and is being designed in collaboration with users from last year's conference chatbot experience. Building on the success of last year, this LearnBot

LearnBot 2.0 at Learning 20192019-10-01T09:59:08-07:00

Winner, Winner! 3 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards


Winner, Winner! 3 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards By Casey Sullivan September 2019 Mobile Coach, the leading chatbot solution for learning and development professionals, was recently awarded three coveted Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards: Gold Award for “Best Advance in Learning Technology Implementation” with Ecolab  Gold Award

Winner, Winner! 3 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards2019-09-23T14:18:20-07:00

How Chatbots Reduce Friction In Learning


The Secret Weapon To Reduce Friction For Learning The value proposition for technology-based productivity tools with rich user interfaces like apps and websites is appealing because the user experience looks great and feels intuitive. And a rich user interface design lends itself to practical organization of content and functionality in one, easy-to-navigate place. However,

How Chatbots Reduce Friction In Learning2019-09-10T15:12:30-07:00

How To Use Chatbots Effectively


How To Use Chatbots Earlier this year the Chatterbots blog series explored the history of chatbots, what they are, and how chatbots might develop in the future. We’ve also discussed natural language processing and artificial intelligence, which are key technologies for chatbot functionality. Knowing now what chatbots are and how they work, it is important

How To Use Chatbots Effectively2019-09-10T14:16:16-07:00
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