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Sales Enablement: Accelerating sales skills



  • Coach Top Gun SellFun is a chatbot designed by Freeman Company and Mobile Coach to improve the retention and implementation of sales strategies and techniques.
  • Coach Top Gun SellFun had a:
    • 93.2% active rate
    • 57% power user rate
  • Freeman saw an increase in Selling Fundamentals graduate success

Key Challenges

Freeman trains their sales staff on the Freeman sales philosophy and methodology in a “Selling Fundamentals” course. When properly utilized, the principles of this training course help salespeople increase their sales, but often sales staff struggle to put those principles into practice.

Freeman needed a reinforcement strategy that would help their new salespeople apply proven techniques and skills in their day-to-day work environment.

“The Mobile Coach team is incredible! We’ve done several projects with them, and on every one they’ve thought through the details, delivered on time, and created a great experience for our employees.”

Chatbot Concept

Mobile Coach and Freeman collaborated to design “Coach Top Gun SellFun”, a chatbot to improve the retention and implementation of the sales strategies and techniques taught in the “Selling Fundamentals” course.


  • Ensure that sales staff better applied key sales concepts
  • Provided Freeman with data on how sales staff were using the skills to improve overall sales.


Graduates of the Sales Fundamentals course are enrolled in the chatbot “Coach Top Gun SellFun.” 

The chatbot alternates each week between:

  • reviewing sales fundamental principles 
  • following up with specific exercises to practice

This design ensures both content review and application over a six month period.

In this screenshot you’ll see the chatbot, Top Gun SellFun, checking in on an exercise about the concept Cultivation.


Since launching their chatbot:

  • Freeman has had 205 sales employees engage with Coach Top Gun SellFun.
  • 93.2% of users remain active throughout the six month chatbot experience
  •  with an impressive 57% power user ratio.
  • Most importantly, Freeman has seen an increase in Selling Fundamentals graduate success which has led Freeman to design additional chatbots on the Mobile Coach Platform.

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