Top 8 ways Chatbots are Shaping L&D

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L&D is always a juggling act of needs versus costs. Costs multiply with every individual that needs training, unless the solution is scalable.

Enter the chatbot. Their automation and ease of scaling open new possibilities for quality and breadth of content. Adding new trainees is as simple as adding a phone number to a database. Tips, quizzes, suggestions, exercises, links to videos, and more can all be delivered to trainees in bite-sized, actionable items. All on a customizable schedule tailored to push development.

Leadership Development: Lead your Leaders

Leadership skills are essential in any organization, but teaching takes time. Following up to make sure new skills stick takes even longer. With a chatbots automated calendaring, information can be spread out over days and weeks. This gives time for trainees to practice in between instruction. And thanks to a chatbot’s automation, there’s no need for a trainer to be on call for the duration. New leaders can start the training when they need it, rather than when the office can provide it.

New Employee/Manager Onboarding: Be there for Everyone

Whether an employee is completely new to the organization or just newly promoted, there’s a wall of information they need. Procedures, practices, culture, names, places, everything a veteran employee has down pat but can be difficult for a newcomer to master quickly. Enter the chatbot. Whether by providing timely information about payroll and parking or through a queryable knowledge base, the chatbot fills the role of a veteran personally helping every newcomer.

Performance Support: Measure and Maintain

Performance support needs to gather information and deliver feedback without getting in the way of the performer. Chatbots are unobtrusive, easy to pick up, and easy to interact with. Recording information is as simple as answering a text, and getting feedback simple as reading the reply.

Sales Optimization: Record and Revolutionize

Chatbots make it easy to identify skilled and driven individuals in your organization. Your high potentials are the ones who score high on performance support chatbots and dominate your sales leaderboards. The same chatbot that identified them can then start a new track to deliver their advanced training. All on demand.

Safety and Compliance: Secure and Save

Much like with new employee onboarding, safety and compliance training often consist of a large amount of information and a substantial cost in time. Chatbots can not only deliver the training, but provide a detailed record of the training that took place. Message logs—both of the chatbot’s and user’s communications—provide an extra layer of legal protection on top of dispensing the training.

Diversity and Inclusion: Drive and Integrate

Diversity training often needs to happen on a massive scale, and like leadership training, needs to happen over an extended period of time in order for the desired behaviors to stick. Chatbots are perfect for delivering content on a time span of weeks and months, and recording when and how the content is delivered.

Special Initiatives: Stand out without standing in the way

Text messages are read 99% of the time, and 90% of the time within 3 minutes of delivery. That reliability is perfect for announcing special initiatives. Chatbots have the power to push out messages—which will actually get read—to huge audiences on demand.

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