Monthly Digest: Chatbots, Virtual Learning, & More

How the Chatbot Changes Our Relationship to Organizations

in Chatbots Magazine by Gideon Rosenblatt

Today’s chatbots represent the early phases in automating engagement with an organization’s external stakeholders (i.e. customers, endusers, investors, and supporters). Over the next few years, many — if not most — of the conversations we once had with employees will be replaced by commercial chatbots. Could it be used for training reinforcement?

Mobile Coach Announces New Training Reinforcement Product

in Learning Solutions Magazine

“We are excited to make this announcement, as it will allow clients more freedom to design on our platform than ever before. We’ve seen with our clients across the board how incredibly effective text messaging can be. Now any company can author its own campaigns and achieve the high engagement and response rates that come with text messages.”

What Type of eLearning Content Should You Create?

in eLearning Industry Blogs by Steve Penfold

Learners crave quick lessons that inform and educate. However, not all content achieves these objectives. So, how to decide which type of eLearning content you need to create?

Making Virtual Learning Work!

in Training Mag by Jennifer Hofman

Answers to three common questions about virtual instructor-led training (ViLT), specifically pertaining to multitasking, video, and engagement.

Everyone knows about virtual instructor-led training (ViLT), but they usually associate it with the horrible “Webinar” approach, where learners listen for 45 minutes and try not to ask questions at the end because they have another meeting to get to. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Virtual learning can work.

Key Leadership Skills: Understanding the Three Levels of Communication

in Training Industry by Guest Blogger

There is more to being a good leader than being completely honest all the time. It means using communication strategies that match the situation.  Communicating effectively is complicated – how do you do it? This blogger has found it helpful to understand three different levels of communication and use them in an intentional way.