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  • Coach Van has enjoyed 91% active rate
  • Worldpay has added more texts to the coach as they’ve found it they’re preferred communication method for certain types of content
  • Coach Van reached 55% power user ratio


Headquartered in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, Worldpay, Inc. (formerly Vantiv) provides payment processing and technology services to merchants and financial institutions across the United States. 

What was the challenge Worldpay faced?

worldpayBeing a new sales employee at Worldpay can be daunting—there’s a lot to learn and do, and leaders are very busy. Worldpay needed a way to smooth the new employee onboarding process and help new employees better integrate into the company culturally and professionally.

What was the goal of the chatbot, Van?

The goal was to help new sales employees better integrate into their work at Worldpay by providing helpful tips about the company’s culture and how to make a smooth transition into their new sales position.

coach van messages

What was Van like and how did “he” work?

Coach Van acts as a concierge for this training program, helping participants prepare and navigate the new employee training process. After the formal training, Coach Van keeps the momentum going for new employees by engaging them with important updates such as upcoming new employee conference calls and checks in with their progress.

Our Mobile Coach has been very effective for our training initiatives. It’s a great way for us to follow up and get messages out to our teams that are spread all over the country.

-Patrick Bowl, Director of Learning and Development

What were the results?

Since April 2016, Coach Van has enjoyed 91% active rate and an impressive 55% power user ratio. Coach Van started as just 2-3 texts a week, but over time, they’ve leaned on the Mobile Coach more and more as an organization. Vantiv has added more texts to the coach as they’ve found it they’re preferred communication method for certain types of content.
Since the launch of Coach Van, Mobile Coach has spread through the organization to reinforce two separate leadership trainings as well as ongoing communication and reinforcement to sales employees.

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