Want to Make your New Direct Sales Consultant Training Really Stick?

Consider this scenario:

You have just joined a new network marketing company. You’re excited, but a little daunted. There’s a long list of things you need to do and learn to really jumpstart your business. Even with the support of your upline and all the training materials, you’re feeling a little lost.

Most network marketing companies spend considerable time and money developing training materials for new consultants. From videos to booklets to interactive, gamified websites, there are a huge variety of ways to deliver much-needed training to company newcomers–but all of them require the new consultant to actively seek out that training. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Some consultants will only have a few questions. Others will need much more guidance and encouragement.

Chatbots make it possible to reach your consultant where they already are: on their cell phone, on the move, trying to incorporate their network marketing journey into their already busy life.

Many new consultants struggle to find time to actually sit down and complete the training they need to become successful. Chatbots solve this problem by:

Making training more consumable

Even the best training can be a little daunting. A chatbot designed to walk a new consultant through the essential steps or tasks makes life easier for both the new person and their upline. They will only have to focus on one step at a time, with the assistance of a knowledgeable bot that can answer questions and send resources on demand.

Training on the consultant’s schedule

No matter the demographic of your consultants, they are likely driven, busy people who might not have time to sit down at the same time every day and build their business. A chatbot can be customized to deliver training, reminders, tips, etc. exactly when the consultant wants. It can even be built with a library of helpful actions users can access by texting/messaging in at any time.

Putting training right in consultants’ hands

The most effective training reaches your consultants where they already are. It comes to them, instead of waiting for the individual to find the time to sit down and pull it out. They can also easily get exactly the information they need, by simply asking the chatbot a question, rather than having to dig through all available resources.

Delivering so much more than a training tool

A chatbot can be much more than just delivering and following up with training. It can be the cheerleader, customer service, and 24/7 knowledge bank that new consultants need. Nothing can replace a great upline, but a chatbot can relieve some of the time and cost that is required to get new network marketers up to speed.

When someone begins building a network marketing business—whether they have years of experience or are brand new to the idea of direct sales—the right training, delivered in the right way, can be critical to whether they succeed or fail. A chatbot makes it easy to create a training experience that works for each new consultant individually.

About the Author: Emma Mason

Emma Mason, one of Mobile Coach’s wonderful writers. Emma uses her years of professional writing and editing experience to turn even the most complex content into a functional and engaging chatbot.