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2018 Chatbot Feature Review


While we look forward with great excitement to the growth and developments we have planned for 2019, we want to take a moment and look back at 2018 and the innovative new chatbot features we’ve added to the Mobile Coach chatbot platform. Each year, we look to make chatbot authoring both easier and

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What messaging channels do Mobile Coach chatbots work with?


One Mobile Coach chatbot can work through multiple types of messaging channels at the same time. Whether companies choose just one channel, or want the full array, these options make it easy to connect with  customers and employees on different platforms, in just about any country in the world.  So, what messaging channels can a

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Chatbots for Customer Service!


We’re excited to announce a major new feature in the Mobile Coach Platform: Chatbots for Customer Service! It’s true that most of our chatbots engage users on mobile devices, but there are use cases where desktop interactions also provide important value. Our customer service chatbot lives as a widget on websites and is

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