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LearnBot 2.0 at Learning 2019


Chatbots for Learning Mobile Coach is excited to announce LearnBot, an innovative chatbot to support the experience of a conference attendee. LearnBot will feature as the official chatbot of the Learning 2019 conference and is being designed in collaboration with users from last year's conference chatbot experience. Building on the success of last year, this LearnBot

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Mobile Coach CEO Speaking at DevLearn 2017 on Facebook Messenger Bots


Vince Han, Mobile Coach founder and CEO, will be presenting next week at DevLearn in Las Vegas. He will be speaking about using Facebook Messenger bots as a training reinforcement tool. Carrying on a conversation via Facebook Messenger is a great way to solve the post-training learner accessibility challenge, and Messenger bots are an easy,

Mobile Coach CEO Speaking at DevLearn 2017 on Facebook Messenger Bots2017-10-19T18:05:02-07:00

8 Surprising Cell Phone Statistics


Many companies are looking towards mobile resources to enhance their learning and development programs. However, some learning and development apps or programs are hard to access for those that don't have a smartphone. Text messaging (SMS) is a great way to help employees or customer retain information on any phone. We've put together a list

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