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Who Uses Chatbots?


Who Uses Chatbots and What Do They Use Them For? Chatbots are computer programs—generally with personality—that automate conversations through voice or text. Chatbots are being adopted and implemented at a tremendous rate for both enterprise and consumer markets. In a survey by Oracle of business executives from the Netherlands, South Africa, France and the UK,

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Chatterbots 7 – What Can I Do With A Chatbot?


What Can I (and Can't I) Do With A Chatbot? How To Use Chatbots Over the course of the Chatterbots blog series, we’ve talked about the history of chatbots, what they are, and how chatbots might develop in the future. We’ve also discussed natural language processing and artificial intelligence, which are key technologies

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What are chatbots?


From Robots to Chatbots We all know what a robot is…that mechanical, human-like device that we wish could do our homework or make our bed. But what are “chatbots?” The concept of a robot has been around since Medieval times. In the ancient myths of the Greeks, the gods were said to have created

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