Giving Leadership the Tools to Succeed

By Perry Blazian
May 2019

Leadership Development: Lead your Leaders

Leadership skills are essential in any organization, but teaching takes time. Following up to make sure new skills stick takes even longer. With chatbots automated calendaring, information can be spread out over days and weeks. This gives time for trainees to practice in between instruction. And thanks to a chatbot’s automation, there’s no need for a trainer to be on call for the duration. New leaders can start the training when they need it, rather than when the office can provide it.

New Manager Onboarding: Be there for Everyone, 24/7

Whether an employee is completely new to the organization or just newly promoted, there’s a wall of information they need. Procedures, practices, culture, names, places, everything a veteran employee has down pat but can be difficult for a newcomer to master quickly. Enter the chatbot. Whether by providing timely information about payroll and parking or through a queryable knowledge base, the chatbot fills the role of a veteran personally helping every newcomer.

Understanding Learner Tendencies

Understanding learner tendencies and style can help us know what really helps people change and grow. Of all the content we present, which idea made it all click for the learner and made them decide to put in the effort and make a real change for the better? What factors added to that moment, beyond just the content itself? How did that moment become a sustained change in the learner’s behavior? If we could crack this code, think of everything we’d be able to do for learners of any kind!

Imagine having reliable data on these elements – your confidence level of really being able to measurably help them would be significantly increased. As we continue to implement technology platforms to support our learning programs, let’s keep the end in mind in terms of ensuring we get the right pieces in place to collect and track the most valuable pieces of data.

Chatbots are a valuable resource for both pushing out new information as well as being a resource to answers questions. However, chatbots can do much more than that. Follow this link below to use a proof-of-concept conversation simulator chatbot designed to help leaders develop specific management skills.

 Conversation Simulator

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