Direct Sales Chatbots

Direct Sales Chatbots

Mobile Coach is the direct sales industry leader in providing engaging chatbots for a variety of use cases. Our direct sales chatbots have been deployed with a number of direct sales industry leaders to increase distributor retention through a fast start chatbot experience. Other key use cases have included increasing distributor compliance and product knowledge, reducing costs with chatbot-driven, automated customer service, and increasing customer product knowledge and usage rates.

Mobile Coach Chatbots have quickly proven to be the most effective tool in training and empowering direct sales representatives. This game-changing innovation will fuel the growth of the direct sales industry within today’s gig economy.

A direct sales chatbot through Mobile Coach becomes a virtual friend who provides personalized, timely messages and coaching through SMS text messaging and other messaging apps. Your chatbot can help new customers have a fantastic experience with your product and your distributor succeed when others flounder, in a way an upline or corporate team simply cannot.

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The Mobile Coach blog is a must subscribe for anyone with a vested interest in how to leverage chatbots to influence positive behaviors among employees, managers, distributors, and customers.

Mobile Coach is heading to Belgium


European Selling Conference Mobile Coach will be at the European Direct Selling Conference this October 16 - 17th in Brussels, Belgium. Make sure you stop by our booth #16 and say hi! Date: October 16-17, 2018 Where: Brussels, Belgium Registration Link:     About the European Direct Selling Conference: This event is the largest

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Want to Make your New Direct Sales Consultant Training Really Stick?


Consider this scenario: You have just joined a new network marketing company. You’re excited, but a little daunted. There’s a long list of things you need to do and learn to really jumpstart your business. Even with the support of your upline and all the training materials, you’re feeling a little lost. Most network

Want to Make your New Direct Sales Consultant Training Really Stick?2018-07-30T10:06:00+00:00

New Video Feedback Feature!


We’re excited to announce another major new feature in the Mobile Coach Chatbot Platform: Video feedback! Of course, the beauty of chatbots has always been the accessibility and ease of use. But why not also leverage the power of the device in their hands--their smartphones and their cameras? Videos are a great way of

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Training Reinforcement: The Next Frontier in Field Training


Training Reinforcement: The Next Frontier in Field Training Direct selling companies are highly invested in the effective training of its sales force. After all, the more knowledgeable and capable your sales field, the more successful you’ll be as a company. Yet, the investment in training the field can feel all too frustrating for executives. Too often

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Monthly Digest: Gamification, Mobile Coach Leaderboards


New Mobile Coach Feature: Leaderboards! With Mobile Coach's new automatic leaderboards, you can now take chatbot gamification to the next level by leveraging competitive juices within your teams and departments. The Mobile Coach Platform automatically generates leaderboards and pushed them to participants via a link in a text message. Read More... Some Recommended Reading Let

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Mobile Coach and Gamification


We’re excited to announce a new feature in our Mobile Coach Platform: Leaderboards! “Wait,” you might ask, “how does a chatbot run a leaderboard if all the conversations are through text messaging?” Your coach has the ability to tally points based on challenges or tasks that the user does. For example, your mobile coach might

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8 Surprising Cell Phone Statistics


Many companies are looking towards mobile resources to enhance their learning and development programs. However, some learning and development apps or programs are hard to access for those that don't have a smartphone. Text messaging (SMS) is a great way to help employees or customer retain information on any phone. We've put together a list

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