How to Build a Business Case for a Chatbot Project

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Summary of video

In this webinar, Vince Han, CEO & Founder of Mobile Coach, walks through a template chatbot business case that you can use to promote a chatbot project.

“I’ve had many people ask me how to build a business case for bringing in a chatbot project into an organization. I’ve created a business case template to share with folks.” – Vince Han

Overview of Chatbot Business Case Template

  • Section 1: “Show”
    • Let stakeholders experience a chatbot that speaks to your envisioned use case
  • Section 2: “Benefits”
    • Articulate the value proposition that a chatbot delivers
  • Section 3: “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)”
    • What are the numbers that stakeholders will care the most about
  • Section 4: “Common Objections”

Download the Business Case Template

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