A Chatbot Sales Assistant

Why a chatbot sales assistant?

Maximize your CRM with a chatbot

Many companies consistently struggle to leverage their CRM. Sal is designed to reduce common friction points by helping salespeople prioritize and use their CRM through a chatbot

Picture of daily updates chatbot sales assistant can send to maximize your CRM
Example of Sal's daily briefings of sales deals and activities
The library of daily prompts for salespeople

What does Sal do?

A personal, digital, sales assitant chatbot

Sal makes it easy for sales reps to stay updated with the most important information without added work.

  • You program a library of daily prompts that sales people can personalize to fit their needs. These daily prompts help them identify proactive tasks.
  • Sales reps search the CRM info on deals, people and activities. 
  • Sales reps can update it with the notes while things are fresh on their minds..


Sal in Action

Description of the five ways Sal communicates with a sales team

Watch the Webinar

In this webinar we unveil Sal. Vince, Mobile Coach CEO, discusses the common pain points Sal solves for sales teams and the background for the creation of Sal. You’ll also see a detailed demonstration of how Sal works as well as how easy it can be customized and integrated into your sales optimization infrastructure. Read more about a chatbot sales assistant here

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