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ATD TechKnowledge Recap


Mobile Coach at ATD TechKnowledge Hosted in West Palm Beach, ATDTK this year had a full list of exciting session speakers. In addition, the expo hall was filled with industry leaders from across the country, and attendees came ready to discuss technology! Mobile Coach exhibited at booth 703. We had many attendees stop by

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Chatterbots 5 – What is Artificial Intelligence?


Defining artificial intelligence is like trying to hit a moving target. It depends on when you ask and who you ask. It seems as though the more you search, the more definitions of artificial intelligence you find. Early computer scientists answered the question of artificial intelligence with theories. In the 1950s, during the

Chatterbots 5 – What is Artificial Intelligence?2019-02-07T11:35:26+00:00

Training 2019 Conference & Expo


Celebrating 4 years at Training Conference! Join Mobile Coach in Orlando this February 25th through 27th as we celebrate our 4th year at Training 2019 Conference and Expo. Hosted at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, this year’s event will feature Mobile Coach CEO and noted chatbot expert Vince Han presenting a session on chatbots as

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Chatterbots 4 – The Future of Chatbots


The Future of Chatbots Chatbot technology has developed rapidly in the last five to ten years. The value and use of chatbots has been well proven in mainstream cases, as well as in many other surprising ways. As the usage and implementation of chatbots around the world continues to grow, so will our awareness

Chatterbots 4 – The Future of Chatbots2019-01-30T14:02:38+00:00

Chatterbots 3 – The Hype Cycle


The Hype Cycle and Chatbots Technology moves at a rapid pace. We live in a world where change is constant. However, not all change is necessarily productive. Most meaningful changes in technology undergo a process of iterative development. How can you tell when new tech is actually valuable to you or your company?

Chatterbots 3 – The Hype Cycle2019-01-30T13:18:19+00:00

ATD TK 2019


Mobile Coach is returning to ATD Techknowledge Mobile Coach is excited to announce that we will be returning to ATD Techknowledge for the 3rd time. This year, Mobile Coach CEO and noted chatbot expert Vince Han will be speaking and Mobile Coach will be exhibiting in the expo hall. Hosted in beautiful West Palm

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Learning Technologies 2019


Mobile Coach in London! Mobile Coach is excited to announce that for the first time we will be attending Learning Technologies Conference and Exposition this February in London. Housed in its new home, Excel London, Learning Technologies runs from February 13th through the 14th. The event will feature more than 70 of the industry’s

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Chatterbots 2 – A History of Chatbots


Chatbots, A History In April 2016 at Facebook’s F8 conference 1-800-Flowers announced Gwyn, their Facebook Messenger chatbot. Gwyn is a “personal gift concierge” that enables users to search, select and order the perfect flower arrangement. Shoppers can, as Mark Zuckerberg put it, order from 1-800-Flowers, without ever having to call 1-800-Flowers again! Gwyn helped

Chatterbots 2 – A History of Chatbots2019-01-17T14:20:07+00:00

Chatterbots 1 – What Is A Chatbot?


What is a chatbot? Chatbots are all around us. Even if you haven't interacted with one directly, odds are good you've heard stories about well known chatbots like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant misinterpreting commands that leave users helpless and humored. But our chatbot usage goes much deeper than that, providing often unnoticed automated

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Hatbot – The Personality Quiz Chatbot


Chatbot Sally and Free Mobile Coach Swag Some of the brightest minds at Mobile Coach have created a new personality quiz chatbot named Sally. First introduced to the public at DevLearn 2018, Sally asks a series of five questions. She then uses the information from those answers to pair you with a free Mobile

Hatbot – The Personality Quiz Chatbot2019-01-16T10:37:51+00:00
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