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Mobile Coach CEO Speaking at DevLearn 2017 on Facebook Messenger Bots


Vince Han, Mobile Coach founder and CEO, will be presenting next week at DevLearn in Las Vegas. He will be speaking about using Facebook Messenger bots as a training reinforcement tool. Carrying on a conversation via Facebook Messenger is a great way to solve the post-training learner accessibility challenge, and Messenger bots are an easy,

Training Reinforcement: The Next Frontier in Field Training


Training Reinforcement: The Next Frontier in Field Training Direct selling companies are highly invested in the effective training of its sales force. After all, the more knowledgeable and capable your sales field, the more successful you’ll be as a company. But the investment in training the field can feel all too frustrating for executives because

Monthly Digest: Gamification, Mobile Coach Leaderboards


New Mobile Coach Feature: Leaderboards! With Mobile Coach's new automatic leaderboards, you can now take chatbot gamification to the next level by leveraging competitive juices within your teams and departments. The Mobile Coach Platform automatically generates leaderboards and pushed them to participants via a link in a text message. Read More... Some Recommended Reading Let

Mobile Coach and Gamification


We’re excited to announce a new feature in our Mobile Coach Platform: Leaderboards! “Wait,” you might ask, “how does a chatbot run a leaderboard if all the conversations are through text messaging?” We have had the ability for your mobile coach to tally points based on challenges or tasks that the user does. For example,

The Choose to Engage Barrier


The Choose to Engage Barrier The value proposition for technology-based productivity tools with rich user interfaces like apps and websites is appealing because the user experience looks great and feels intuitive. And a rich user interface design lends itself to practical organization of content and functionality in one, easy-to-navigate place. However, the inherent challenge with

Adopting Mobile Learning amidst Corporate Phone Policies


Adopting Mobile Learning amidst Corporate Phone Policies Most large companies acknowledge that most employees want to do at least some level of work-related tasks via their mobile phone, but companies simply cannot afford to provide company phones for every employee. This dynamic brings up important questions and challenges for the enterprise such as: What work-related

Make Your Training Stick


Finally, Make Your Training Stick In the age of big data, savvy companies increasingly expect quantitative proof of training effectiveness. And why shouldn’t they? However, the actual “stickiness” (i.e., return on investment) of training depends almost entirely on what learners do after training, when learners are harder to influence and their attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors

Monthly Digest: Chatbots, Virtual Learning, & More


How the Chatbot Changes Our Relationship to Organizations in Chatbots Magazine by Gideon Rosenblatt Today’s chatbots represent the early phases in automating engagement with an organization’s external stakeholders (i.e. customers, endusers, investors, and supporters). Over the next few years, many — if not most — of the conversations we once had with employees will be replaced by commercial chatbots. Could

Monthly Digest: Training Strategies


  4 Storytelling Strategies To Capture Learners’ Attention in eLearning Industry by Ellen Burns-Johnson Training Strategies: Let’s take 4 principles from the storyteller’s playbook and explore how they apply to eLearning in order to capture learners’ attention. 16 Essential Steps of eLearning Course Design in eLearning Industry by Anand Timothy Starting a new eLearning project? Here we list the 16 essential

Expert Panel (Development Strategies)


We invite experts and professionals in the learning and development industry to discuss various topics each month, such as learning systems, gamification and learning, leadership development, and more. This month's discussion topic: When you contract with content companies to develop workshops and classes, what kinds of things do you look for in an ideal content

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