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2018 Chatbot Feature Review


While we look forward with great excitement to the growth and developments we have planned for 2019, we want to take a moment and look back at 2018 and the innovative new chatbot features we’ve added to the Mobile Coach chatbot platform. Each year, we look to make chatbot authoring both easier and

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Introducing LearnBot


Introducing LearnBot! Mobile Coach is excited to announce LearnBot, an innovative chatbot to support the experience of a conference attendee. LearnBot will debut as the official chatbot at Masie’s Learning 2018 conference and is being designed in collaboration with MASIE Productions.LearnBot takes advantage of a wide array of the Mobile Coach Platform chatbot authoring features, all focused

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Don’t miss Mobile Coach at DevLearn 2018


Join Mobile Coach at DevLearn 2018 Mobile Coach CEO, Vince Han, will be presenting a cant'-miss, interactive session on chatbots at DevLearn. Join Vince and some of the Mobile Coach team for this session on Thursday, October 25th at 3 pm.  Vince's Session: Session #614 - Using Chatbots to Scale Training Resources October

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Mobile Coach is heading to Belgium


European Selling Conference Mobile Coach will be at the European Direct Selling Conference this October 16 - 17th in Brussels, Belgium. Make sure you stop by our booth #16 and say hi! Date: October 16-17, 2018 Where: Brussels, Belgium Registration Link:     About the European Direct Selling Conference: This event is the largest

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What are chatbots?


From Robots to Chatbots We all know what a robot is…that mechanical, human-like device that we wish could do our homework or make our bed. But what are “chatbots?” The concept of a robot has been around since Medieval times. In the ancient myths of the Greeks, the gods were said to have created

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Want to Make your New Direct Sales Consultant Training Really Stick?


Consider this scenario: You have just joined a new network marketing company. You’re excited, but a little daunted. There’s a long list of things you need to do and learn to really jumpstart your business. Even with the support of your upline and all the training materials, you’re feeling a little lost. Most network

Want to Make your New Direct Sales Consultant Training Really Stick?2018-07-30T10:06:00+00:00

Top 8 ways Chatbots are Shaping L&D


L&D is always a juggling act of needs versus costs. Costs multiply with every individual that needs training, unless the solution is scalable. Enter the chatbot. Their automation and ease of scaling open new possibilities for quality and breadth of content. Adding new trainees is as simple as adding a phone number to a

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New Video Feedback Feature!


We’re excited to announce another major new feature in the Mobile Coach Chatbot Platform: Video feedback! Of course, the beauty of chatbots has always been the accessibility and ease of use. But why not also leverage the power of the device in their hands--their smartphones and their cameras? Videos are a great way of

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Infographic – Chatbots: The Secret Weapon to Scale Training Capability


Recently, Mobile Coach founder and CEO, Vince Han, gave a webinar hosted by InSync Training on the topic of chatbots as a scalable solution for corporate training departments. As part of the webinar, InSync Training and Mobile Coach developed the infographic below. We invite you to continue reading below so you can start improving

Infographic – Chatbots: The Secret Weapon to Scale Training Capability2018-07-16T09:13:01+00:00

5 Tips for Choosing your Chatbot’s Channel


How to decide which messaging channel is best for you! 1. Use What’s Familiar One of a chatbot’s greatest strengths is its flexibility. Instead of yet another app that users have to make room for on their device, chatbots offer the power to connect on a platform (or “channel”) that users already have and

5 Tips for Choosing your Chatbot’s Channel2018-07-12T15:14:25+00:00
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